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It's 2011 and Starsky's in charge of making Christmas dinner for everyone...

Written for the Starsky and Hutch Advent Calendar.
Many thanks to [ profile] flamingoslim for making the PDF version and hosting it.

It's here.


Nov. 28th, 2007 08:41 pm
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Christmas in our family has always been about traditions- we do lots of things just because we've always done them. My mother was a fantastic baker- she made plum pudding from scratch and tomato soup cake and pecan squares and sausage rolls every year. Every Christmas dinner, we always have homemade stuffing and mashed potatoes and broccoli with holiday sauce (really Hollandaise, but one of my foster kids thought we were saying holiday sauce and we've called it that ever since). My mother always served peas just to hear my uncle complain about them. She made custard sauce for the plum pudding and chocolate cake fore anyone who didn't like plum pudding. I can't remember a Christmas without all these things.

Late Christmas evening, she always made cold turkey sandwiches for everyone even though we'd all sworn we'd never eat anything ever again. And we always ate them.

This year will be my family's first Christmas without my mother.

My brother and I are making the plum pudding together this weekend. He's also signed up for tomato soup cake. I'll do pecan squares and sausage rolls. Maybe we'll pass on the late night turkey sandwiches. But the holiday sauce stays.

Only thing we didn't think about was how it would feel to go through her recipe cards. See her handwriting everywhere.  Hear her voice in my head. Remember.

I miss her.


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