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Title: Everbody Knows
Author: Susan/ sjames_centre
Status: Chapter 14/14 Now Complete (insert happy dance here!)
Word Count: 2980  this chapter, 44,488 total
Rating: R
Characters: John & Sherlock and the rest of the gang
Relationships: John/Sherlock
Warnings: None

Summary: As if John and Sherlock don't have enough problems already (that whole Sherlock getting shot by Mary thing), now there's a cold case detective from Canada snooping around asking questions about Moriarty.

Summary (this chapter): So it all comes down to this.

( From Chapter 1 on AO3 )

Chapter 14 on AO3 )
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Title: Everbody Knows
Author: Susan/ sjames_centre
Status: WIP Chapter 13/14
Word Count: 4094 this chapter, 42K total so far
Rating: R
Characters: John & Sherlock and the rest of the gang
Relationships: John/Sherlock
Warnings: None

Summary (this chapter): Kate's home, Sherlock's not

( From Chapter 1 on AO3 )

( Chapter 13 on AO3 )
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It's 2011 and Starsky's in charge of making Christmas dinner for everyone...

Written for the Starsky and Hutch Advent Calendar.
Many thanks to [ profile] flamingoslim for making the PDF version and hosting it.

It's here.

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For Sue, in response to the Me and Thee drinking debate....

It's over here:
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Sam, Dean
Coda to 6.07, Family Matters
Summary: Bobby told Dean once that purgatory was like heaven’s green room.
1100 words

Indulgences )
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Written for the [ profile] me_and_thee_100  bullet challenge. A little bit of revisionist history.....

Bullet Proof
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No, I haven't forgotten that I promised more drabbles. This one is for [ profile] hardboiledbaby  who requested Starsky and Hutch. And who doesn't love A Coffin for Starsky?  (and [ profile] mashfanficchick and [ profile] dipslikeramon , yours are almost done. Really they are....)

Cowboy Movie

It’s not like I can’t tell the truth. It’s just that lying is easier sometimes.

Like when Hutch asks me again if I’m okay. I got a gut full of poison and twelve hours left on the clock, so I’m about as far from okay as I’ve ever been.

“Peachy keen. How ’bout you?”

“Starsk – ”

“Not yet.”     


Eight more hours gone and the truth rushes in to fill the silence between us. I’m afraid I’ve waited too long – that the time that’s left is no time at all.

He sits down beside me and I reach for his hand.

NS: Credo

Apr. 17th, 2009 06:11 pm
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S/H, gen or slash, started as a flashslash and grew....



Credo )


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This one is for [ profile] callisto65 because she asked so nicely. Sorry these are taking so long, but real life and work keep getting in my way.


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My entry into the drabble sweepstakes. First line is from [profile] ancastar .  And a great first line it was. Thanks!


People didn't understand how it was with Hutch and him.

He didn't really understand it either, so he figured it was better not to try.

When he did think about it, like today, and only because he'd spent an hour in traffic listening to him curse the DA for letting Moretti walk, knowing the whole time the person Hutch really blamed was himself, all he could come up with was that Hutch and him were kind of like Cheez Whiz. Something he never should have said out loud.

"We're like what?" Hutch sputtered. He'd had three beers by then, and the alcohol and the guilty pleasure of two double cheeseburgers had taken the edge off his anger.

"Cheez Whiz."

"How the hell do you figure that?"

"I'm just saying you gotta accept Cheez Whiz for what it is."

"Crap in a jar?"

"Says the guy who just ate two cheeseburgers smothered in the stuff."

"What does that have to do with us?"

"Ever read the ingredients?"

"God, no."

"Exactly. Some things are best left a mystery. Like us."

Hutch smiled and leaned in to kiss him. He tasted of beer and burger and something else Starsky couldn't name.

Or pronounce.
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Last two weeks have been crazy. All I do is go to work, come home, sleep, go to work. March 31st deadline is almost here, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am a bad friend, I owe many people emails and feedback and thank yous and probably much more. And I definitely don't have time to be writing- I'm off to work again in a few minutes. So a drabble is all there is.

This one is for my girl- who's had to walk a tightrope herself this  week.


He wakes alone in Starsky’s bed. 


“Here.” His naked body is black against the window, then invisible, slipping into bed beside Hutch.

“Try to sleep.” He offers his body as blanket, and Starsky wraps himself in it.

Of all the things he learns about Starsky, it is this restlessness that surprises him most. But now he understands that for all his confidence, Starsky walks a tightrope. He runs, leaps, performs his daredevil stunts over an abyss like the one that dashed his father to pieces.

So Hutch stumbles behind, watching, waiting.

And tries to catch him when he falls.


NS: Sequel

Feb. 18th, 2008 09:41 pm
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Slash, Older Guys
Warning: slight spoilers for the Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman movie "The Bucket List."
Summary: After the guys see "The Bucket List", Hutch decides to write his own list.
Thanks to Kaye for the hand-holding.

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FInally finished it. Thanks to Kaye for the beta and the hand-holding, and to Marion for the challenge. And evidence to the contrary, the story has absolutely nothing to do with poker.

It's  posted on a bee-ooo-tiful site Marion created for the challenge. Check out the other stories too.
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Blame this on JoJo. Because she wrote a death drabble and made me want to write post-SR again. And it's a triple drabble, so it's probably not a drabble at all. But it's definitely deathfic- so be warned.

Crusoe... )


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My second story from Kass' Blood and Destiny zine is now up at her site looking all shiny and pretty.
Thanks again to Kass for holding my hand through this. I kept saying I couldn't do it in time, and she kept moving back the deadline for me. 

It's slash. And it's a case. With a real plot. And bad guys. And it has the same title as a stupid CBS sitcom, but my story came out first. So there.

It's here:


NS: Novena

Nov. 7th, 2007 07:14 am
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My first story from Kass' Blood and Destiny zine is now online.
It's slash or gen (or pre-slash)  That's a roundabout  way of saying there ain't no hot man sex in it. Sorry, ladies.
Takes place a month after The Fix.
The events in this story are  alluded to in Falling Slowly.

Thanks again. Kass, I was thrilled to be asked to contribute.
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I apologize in advance for this. Not sure where it came from.Sort of an older guys snippet, sort of a deathfic, sort of just weird. Slash.

Death by Chocolate

I died first. Second too—allergic reaction to the new meds a couple months later.  I also died better than him. Getting shot up in the police station parking lot clearly trumps a heart attack in the cooking book section of Barnes and Noble. I expect Huggy will outshine both of us—he’ll probably kick the bucket after getting the best blow job of his life. His date will get to tell the doctor how “he came and went.” 

 Hutch was still holding a copy of Death by Chocolate  when I found him. It took the paramedics five minutes to get to the bookstore, another fifteen to get him to the hospital. Memorial, of all places. They did everything right, but I’ve been around long enough to know what a lost cause looks like.

 I sat with him for a while after. Held his hand and said the things I needed to. First time in years he paid attention. Huggy showed up a while later with one of his kids to make the arrangements. After all these years, he still knows what we need.  Better than we ever do.

 I couldn’t go back to the house after, so I went to the only place I could think of.

 Hutch and me had a favorite bench at the beach. Not sure how it got to be our favorite—maybe it was the view, maybe it was because it was real close to the hot dog stand—anyhow, it just got to be ours.  We used to go down there at night, watch the ocean, and hold hands in the dark. Sounds kinda lame, I know, but it made us feel like everyone else, holding hands outdoors like that. I threatened to carve our initials on the seat once, but Hutch wouldn’t let me. 

 I was sitting on our bench thinking about things and watching the sun set—yeah, yeah, I get the symbolism, Hutch was always pointing out shit like that—when I got interrupted. Blond guy. Looked like someone I knew a long time ago.

 “That seat taken?” he asked, pointing at the space beside me.

 “About fucking time you showed up,” I said. “Do you know how long I’ve been sitting here?”

 “Yeah, actually I do. Thirty years. Give or take.”

 He sat down beside me and reached for my hand. Cheeky bastard.

 “Starsk . . .”


 He smiled. “Nothing.” Hutch seemed pretty happy for a newly dead guy. I know I was pissed for months after I shuffled off my mortal coil. (You hang around Hutch long enough, you pick up a little Hamlet.). “I’ve just been waiting thirty years to say that again.”

 “But you do know that dying at Barnes and Noble was pretty lame, don’t you?”

 “Got me here, didn’t it?”

 Then he kissed me, soft and slow, like we had forever. Maybe we did.

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I was beginning to think I'd never get to say this, but the story is done! Thanks again to Kaye for the continuous edit and for making me finish. And to everyone who's been reading each part as they were posted. It's been a great ride.

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:
Part Five:

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Slashy, mushy little snippet about what it's like to be apart when you really should be together.
Older guys.

Six Weeks )
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