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So it's my birthday this Sunday. It falls on the Epiphany which meant every year as a kid I had to go to Mass before my birthday party. It also meant we had no school since it was a holy day of obligation and Catholic schools were closed. Even though I don't go to Mass anymore (ever) and don't have birthday parties, somehow I still manage to get older every year.

When I was young,  I liked having my birthday this close to December 25th since it meant I had a second chance at all the things I didn't get for Christmas. But this year I got everything (and everyone) I wanted, so asking for anything at all for my birthday seems rather selfish. But if someone really wanted to know what my fannish heart desires, here's my list:

- A vid to Falling Slowly (by the Frames) made by  Laura. The whole time I was writing my story by that name, I had that song running through my head. And if anyone could do it justice, Laura can. Watch any of her vids if you need proof.

- More drabbles from Sheila. Her writing made me fall in love with S and H two years ago, and whenever I need a reminder why I'm sticking around, I  just have to read Great Wall of China or Circling the Wagons and any of her other wonderful stories. Hell, I even read Pros when she writes it. (though I will never, ever be able to tell them apart- they are collectively known as Boydie to me).

- An email from Mara. We've both been so busy lately we've fallen out of touch and I miss our chats.

- I want  Audrey to get the job she applied for and  Marion to get the house she wants and  Moon to finish the  marathon tired but happy.

- I want Ancasta to keep writing in Starsky and Hutch, Nik to write more, and Rebel, Verlaine and EH to just keep writing anything, anywhere because I'll always read it.

- I wish the people now playing in other fandoms dropped in more often to read stories and comment. Miss having them around.

- And finally, more crack from Kaye. Crack fixes just about everything, you know.  And another SH/House crossover, while you're at it. And the sequel to Twisted Reality....

Not a lot to ask, is it?


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