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I'd like to offer my apologies to everyone I have ever mentally wished to shut the hell up about their wedding plans.  To all those girls . . . )
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Or at least that was the plan. I decided that I would close my office door today, ignore email, tell my assistant I was busy preparing for a meeting, and start working on that Secret Santa story (I wish I could say that it was all planned out in my head... but sadly, no. It never seems to work that way). A closed door ain't what is used to be, apparently, and the day has turned out to be (almost) all work, and no play. And no one at work even knows it's my birthday (we're pretty serious folks here).

But the girl and I are going out for dinner tonight and we're having a family party complete with margaritas on Saturday night, so I'm happy. And I've received lovely cards and birthday wishes from my sadly neglected flist.

I have decided, however, that this should be my last birthday. I'm old enough, thank you very much.  Still working out alternatives to the alternative.

I've closed the door again, eaten my takeout sushi, and will spend an hour or so writing. Just as soon as I finish that spreadsheet I promised  someone for today, and answer a couple work emails, and ......
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Yes, I know it's too early for Christmas icons, but I love that version of Rudolph beyond all reason...

I looked at my LJ while eating lunch (at my desk, at 3, between meetings) and realized I've barely posted anything in like, forever. Fandom seems to be something I enjoy lately from the sidelines. I read LJ entries, fic when I get a chance, and can squeeze out a drabble if I can stand sitting in front of the computer in the evening when inspiration hits (thank god for [ profile] me_and_thee_100 prompts). I owe lots of people email and feedback and I need to write an Advent story and a Secret Santa story and well, you get the picture.

I just need more hours in the day. Less time at work. Fewer meetings. Not so many deadlines. And I have to make another presentation this Friday (my second in two weeks - thank god for beta blockers...)

But I'm not complaining really. I have a wonderful life with the girl and the job is good and no real money worries for once in my life.I just need more hours. I've tried less sleep - that doesn't work so well. But I'll figure it out -- there are worse problems in life.

In the meantime, maybe I'll go write another drabble.....
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Five questions from the lovely [ profile] ancastar.
Leave me a comment and tell me to "shut up and stop coughing" and I'll ask you five questions too.

Five Answers . . . )

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Warning: emotional blather ahead. Read at your own risk.....

So Kaye and  l love the song Magnolia Street by Catie Curtis. It's all about falling in love and cars and knowing where you should be. First time I ever picked her up from the airport, the song was playing in the car. And now it's kind of a tradition. And when she asked the *BIG* question, Magnolia Street was playing in the background. And then the lovely [ profile] lauramcewan even made us a wonderful Starsky and Hutch vid to the song for our birthdays. (trying to embed the vid here, not sure if it will work or not...)

And tonight, we're driving to Vermont to a Catie Curtis/Cheryl Wheeler concert. Kind of full circle for us.
Think we can convince Catie to sing at the wedding?

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Kaye and I drove to Ottawa today for
the Tulip Festival. While not all the flowers were in bloom, enough of them were to make it worth the drive. She took some great pics (including my new icon).

Pictures behind the cut... )

Later, we went to visit the new house of my friend's sister. It's gigantic and makes our condo seem
tiny. Strangely, I'm not jealous (except maybe for the kitchen, which is about ten times the size of ours). I like our place. How can you not when this is the view from our front balcony at sunset.
Sunset )

Took the long way (which ended up taking less time) home through countryside instead of highway in time for Amazing Race.

Amazing Day.

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Because everyone else is doing it......

This way.... )
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We went to see Gran Torino tonight and Kaye is in love with Clint Eastwood and now talks to me in a low growl through gritted teeth. It's cute, really. Movie was good, but seriously Clint, a movie called Gran Torino with not a single Starsky and Hutch reference?

There's even a song called "Gran Torino" at the end. Just sayin'...

*bats eyes at Laura*

Off to watch the Sam and Dean show....


Jan. 10th, 2009 02:21 am
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So tell me why it is that coming back to work after vacation is so hard? I'm rested, refreshed, unstressed. But then  I remember that at this time last week, we were lounging around the house in our jammies reading and watching TV. Beats being here by a mile.

Speaking of unstressed . . . this new job is not exactly a job yet. It's where I come and spend a few hours sitting alone in my office trying to find something to do. I had a to-do list before Christmas. It's to-done. So I end up spending too much time surfing the web and writing and doing my old job (which I am doing on a part-time consulting contract). It won't last as the project will get going soon, and I'm not really complaining, it's just weird to be so not-busy when I used to be crazy busy. No one here seems to notice, they think I'm super efficient since I've done everything already.  We'll go with super-efficient, shall we?

Biggest stress I have is that my blood pressure was sort of off the charts earlier this week when I had my medical for new job. Going to see GP about it next week. 

In Starsky and Hutch news . . . there is none. I feel my urge to write more SH fic waning. Maybe it's just a phase. Maybe it's the shrinking audience and apparent lack of interest on Me and Thee. Who knows? Maybe it's just time. But SH is where I discovered the joy/pain of writing fic. And those guys still speak to me.  Maybe I shouldn't think so hard about it. She doesn't call me Hutch for nothing.... :)

I do know I'm going to watch some Supernatural this weekend and keep my fingers crossed that all that angst inspires me.
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What's better than being inside all day watching the snow fall outside. This is what it looked like outside our window by around 2 this afternoon.
Let it snow..... )

I spent the afternoon writing my Secret Santa (almost done) and Kaye was writing hers (almost done too) with Christmas music playing in the background.  And then I went online and found out my Advent story got postedhere )and I got some lovely feedback for it.

And Kaye decorated the mantle and it looked so beautiful with the fire going, I may never leave here till spring.

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A drive-by post:

I can't decide if I'm incredibly inefficient with my time or I live in some strange black hole where everyone's days have more hours than mine.

How do people do everything they seem to do - read fic and books and live journal - and have time to post and go shopping and wrap presents. I have done none of these things in ages- skipping my book club this week because I've read 100 pages of a 700 page book, and I've not even started writing the Secret Santa story. (sorry, Laura, it will be late).  (though to my credit, I did just finish an old guys Advent Calendar story, though not to my credit, I slacked off at work for two hours yesterday and finished it then).

I need more hours. Or less sleep. Or something.

Will start work on the Secret Santa tonight, I swear. Kaye is away visiting the parents, so in theory I have more free time. 

I started my new job last week- it's interesting but vaguely depressing to be way back at the bottom of the learning curve. And I had to write my own bio for the newsletter (and they threatened to put it in the newspaper too- this is a very public project I've been hired to manage).  I wanted to add "slash Starsky and Hutch fanfic writer in her spare time" but it would be a lie, because I have NO SPARE TIME. 

Seriously,  I need more time. Less stress. And lunch. Definitely lunch.

Come home, Kaye. Now.
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So it's four weeks until the big move.

I'm madly renovating/cleaning/clearing in preparation and she's attempting to pack away her entire apartment into a storage locker the size  of a small bathroom.  She's selling furniture she loves, quitting a job she likes and going back to school in September for the student visa  that will get her into Canada.

And as much as it reads like a gay Harlequin romance, the stress is starting to get to us. She's a little, er..., short  with me and I'm a little too passive-aggressive with her (I'm Canadian, it's our specialty). So we snipe between  I love you's , make up between I miss you's , and wait for the waiting to be over.

And then I get emails like the one I did today, and remember why I fell in love with her in the first place. And four weeks doesn't seem so long anymore.


I love you
and am very excited to be with you
all day
every day

well, you know.

will try to be sweeter, but I don't really have the ingredients right now. Just go read old emails from the woooing . . .

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So Tina and her boyfriend moved out today. She's 22 and knows everything, he's 24 and knows nothing. She's mouthy , he's sweet and for better or worse, they now have their own apartment. (In the great march towards independence, she got as far as the apartment building next to my condo).  Close enough to do laundry, eat dinner and steal  borrow groceries. Far enough that I never have to hear them fight.

Tina's been with me off and on since I first became her foster mother a few months after she turned 3.

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 ...they sent me to Paris to set up the project's new collaboration. As part of the big study I manage, we are collecting DNA from 5000 patients who have suffered adverse events to a particular class of drugs. A doctor in Paris has agreed to collaborate with us and send us DNA, so I am going to meet with him next week.

In Paris.

An all-expense paid trip to Paris. I'm leaving Friday, so I will have three days to wander the city before my meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In Paris. Tough life, eh?

Anyway, this is the deal I made with myself. If I got to go to Paris, I wouldn't complain about the rest of the crap this job entails. Which lasted almost a whole week. It lasted until this morning. when I found out that I have to do a presentation TOMORROW MORNING in front of the big guys from the funding agency about the integration ot genomics and ethics in our study.  TOMORROW MORNING. And I hate presentations. If I can sit, I'm ok. If I have to stand in front of the group, I'm a wreck.

Small mercies. I can do it in English.

I really hate my job sometimes.

Well, except for that whole little Paris thing, of course.
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